We welcome you tothe investment portalof the Kursk region, which is one of the most interesting and promising regions on a map of huge Russia.

The region is located in the climatic zone favorable for intensive farming and animal husbandry. Its natural resources are unique in volume and variety. It has a favorable geopolitical location, a developed transport infrastructure and a high level of power supply. Main gas and oil pipelines go through the territory of the region.

A well-developed infrastructure is one of the important components of the investment potential. In recent years, the Administration of the Kursk region has been carrying out an active work on the improvements of the conditions for doing business.

In 2012, AO "Investment promotion Agency of the Kursk region" was founded. It selects the plots of land for the creation of industrial parks and investment sites that can be offered to potential investors for the construction of industrial enterprises.

The Council for Improvement of Investment Climate and Cooperation with Investors operates in the region. Its main task is to solve the most important issues of investment activities.

There is an investment portal of the Kursk region in Internet. It contains complete information on the investment activity in the region. The portal contains an investment map illustrating available plots of land and the information about municipal districts of the region.

Annual events take place that promote the investment climate of the region. One of them is Kursk Korenskaya Fair. Its history goes back to ancient times and it was resurrected in 2000. Since 2012, Central Russian Economic Forum, which will be the fifth in 2016, has been taking place within the fair.

The investment projects of construction of new enterprises and reconstruction of manufacturing facilities are implemented in the Kursk region.

The effective regional regulatory acts facilitate the solution of many business problems and make the region sufficiently attractive for Russian and foreign investors.

We have become much more careful working with business able to create innovative economy, produce competitive goods, demanded in foreign markets. We have convinced we can make many things ourselves properly and reliably, giving up imported goods and food.

It is important to support such companies, to create the most favorable conditions for the implementation of projects aimed at producing of innovative goods. These entrepreneurs are creating the basis for future generations today and defining the ways of technical and technological development, providing industrial and food security of our country.

Many companies from other regions of Russia and abroad work in the region. 50 agreements of cooperation have been signed up to specify the forms of cooperation, mutual obligations and responsibilities of parties.

We work in conditions of continuous dialogue, try to solve the problems of the companies and promote the implementation of their projects in the Kursk region.

Kursk region is open for collaboration and welcomes the increase in the number of investors.



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