The agricultural sector is an important part of the Kursk region's economy. 

In the agro-industrial complex of the region is built a new, modern system of agriculture based on the use of the most productive machines, resource-saving technologies, high-yield seed varieties and animal breeds. 

Rationally using this base, the agro-industrial complex of our region has not only  joined the leaders of the Central Federal District on the cultivation of the most important types of agricultural products, but  also has become one of the largest producers of them throughout the Russian Federation. 

Production of gross agricultural output in all categories of farms in 2015, according to preliminary estimates amounted to 112.8 billion rubles, and increased to the previous year's 14.5 billion rubles. The share of agricultural organizations  is 65.5 percent of the volume of agricultural production. 

In 2015, it produced 3.8 million tons of grain in the originally received weight. This is the second result in the Central Federal District and the sixth in the Russian Federation. 

The sugar-beet industry in the region was derivedon steadily sustained level of operation. And in 2015, the year which was far from being the best due to the weather conditions, the production of sugar beet was 3.4 milliontons, which allowed to provide sugar mills of the regionwith a sufficient amount of raw materials. 

In recent years, the agricultural producers have become major producers of oilseeds. Last year, their production was 537 thousand tons, which is 27 thousand tonnes more than in 2014. 

931 thousand tons of potatoes and 143 thousand tons of vegetables were produced, which fully ensured the needs of the population of thisregion. 

Increasing of the yield and gross output of crop production is obtained mainly through the use of modern technology, upgrade of thestock and tractors fleet.

In 2015,  306 new tractors, 123 grain and forage harvesters, as well as a number of other high-performance agricultural machinery  were purchased by agricultural producers of the region in the amount of 3.5 bln rubles. 

The comprehensive solution of the objectives of the livestock development is in the center of attention of the Region's Administration. 

Thanks to state support of the sector in the framework of the national project "Development of agriculture" and the state program of development of agriculture, 24 agricultural enterprises in the region have implemented major investment projects for the reconstruction and new construction of livestock farms. 84 production sites have been built, including 72 beef and 12 dairy ones. 

This has led to significant positive changes in the industry. 

Meat production in the region in 2015 amounted to 437 thousand tons, which exceeded the level of 2014 by  51.4 thousand tons. In meat production, the region occupies the second place in the Central Federal District and the fifth in the Russian Federation. 

In all categories of farms, 310 thousand tons of milk have bee produced. In milk production, the region occupies the 6th place among 17 regions of the Central Federal District. 

One of the incentives in the development of animal husbandry has become a departmental target program "Support for beginning farmers and the development of family livestock farms on the basis of the peasant (farmer) households for 2013 - 2015". Subsidies in the form of grants for the years 2013-2015 received 107 individual farms, including 79 novice farmers and 28 heads ofPFH, developing family livestock farms. Subsidies amounted to 105.8 million rubles. The implementation of the program will be continued in the current year. 

The field activities, conducted  by the administration within the framework of the State program in animal husbandry, have created more than 5,000 new high-paying jobs. 

A significant volume of production is accounted for large agricultural companies, which have signed 19 cooperation agreements. They produce 75 percent of sugar beets, 43 percent of corn, 73 percent of meat and 28 percent of milk of the total production on the farms of the region. 

The volume of investment of large investors and holdings in agricultural development in the region amounted to 30 billion rubles in 2015. 

A significant contribution to the cultivation of agricultural products is made by peasant (farmer) and personal part-time farms. 96 percent of vegetables, 95 percent of potatoes, 48 percent of milk  and 8 percent of meat have beenproduced  with their participation. 

The successful development of agriculture in the region is supported by an increase in the level and quality of life of the rural population. 

Improving og well-being, quality of life and employment of citizens, sustainable development of rural areas is a priority for the Administration of the Kursk region and the state program of development of agriculture until 2020. 

In 2015, on the implementation of the activities of the federal target program "Sustainable development of rural areas in 2014-2017 and for the period up to 2020" and of a similar regional program of the Kursk region, it has been allocated 297.2 million rubles, including 125,1 million rubles  from the regional budget. 

45 km of street distribution gas networks, 40 km of local water supply systems,  a multifunction universal playground in Zolotukhinsky district were put into operation in the frame of the program. 4.16 thousand square meters of housing, including 2.6 thousand square meters  for young families and young professionals  have been  built and purchased. 72 families, including 52-young families have received subsidies for the construction (purchase) of housing in rural areas. The construction of a secondary school for 210 pupils in Zolotukhinsky district is underway, it is expected to be finished in 2016. 

Agricultural policy of the region in the coming years will be aimed at increasing the production and sales of agricultural products, expansion of the resource base of the processing enterprises, food supplying of the population in the region.



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