Overall socio-economic situation in the Kursk region in 2015

In order to maintain a stable social and economic development of the region, in 2015, work was carried out in order to improve the legislative and normative legal base, to implementate  federal and state programs of the Kursk region, agreements with investors (owners of businesses), the federal government, with other entities, activities of which help attract investments in the economy and social sphere.

Constant monitoring of the situation in the economy and social sphere is being carried out. On the results of 2015, the positive dynamics of individual indicators of the real sector of economy and social sphere have been maintained.

There has been growth in the industrial production index and in the index of agricultural production; in the volume of work, performed by the "Construction"  activity.

The average monthly wage per employee has increased. The implementation of measures of social support for certain categories of citizens was carried out in full and on time.

Industrial production

The industrial production index in the Kursk region at the end of 2015 amounted to 104.2% compared to 2014 (in Russia - 96.6%), including 104.9% in the mining sector (in Russia – 100.3%), in the production and distribution of electricity, gas and water - 100.3% (in Russia - 98.4%), in manufacturing - 105.2% (in Russia – 94.6%).

On the results of 2015, in the structure of the goods shipped, works performed and services rendered by enterprises of industrial complex of the Kursk region, the share of the manufacturing sector amounted to 56.8%; mining - 18.3%; electricity, gas and water – 24.9%.


The leading enterprise of the  "mining" economic activity is JSC «Mikhailovsky GOK», which is part of the Holding Company "Metalloinvest".

The growth of the index of industrial production in the mining sector by 4.9% in 2014 was due to increased production of enriched iron ores.

In September 2015, there wasa launch of the technological complex and infrastructure of the roasting machine number 3 of JSC «Mikhailovsky GOK» in the normal mode.

Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water

During January-December 2015, the volume of shipped goods in current prices in the manufacture and distribution of electricity, gas and water increased by 3.0%.

The leading enterprise of the branch is «Kursk Nuclear Power Plant"which is a filial branch of JSC "Rosenergoatom Concern".

Kursk NPP carried out the work in the framework of the medium-term program for the modernization of existing units to increase safety and reliability of the reactor units.

The power grid is characterized by the developed  network of power transmission lines, connecting Kursk NPP and the enterprises of JSC "Kurskenergo" with the energy systems of the regions of Central Federal District.


The volume of goods shipped in the manufacturing sector in current prices increased by 20.3% against the corresponding level in 2014.

In the structure of the volume of shipped products, manufacturing industries and the food processing industry take 47.7%, chemical industry - 12.7%, production of electrics, electronic and optical equipment - 11.1%, production of rubber and plastic products - 9.2% , manufacture of machinery and equipment – 3.0%.

The positive dynamic of the index is due to the increase in output:

– In the manufacture of electrical and optical equipment by 10,6% due to the increase in the output of electrical distribution and control equipment;

– In the manufacture of food products by 10.2% due to the increase in the output of meat products, meat and offal, dairy products, butter, cheeses, pasta;

– In the chemical industry by 9.5% due to the increase in the output of pharmaceutical products, artificial and synthetic fibers;

– In the manufacture of rubber and plastic products by 9.3% due to the increase in the output of conveyor belts and power transmission belts, rubber, pipes, tubes, hoses and tubes made of rubber;

– In the production of leather, leather products and footwear by 3.3% due to the increase in the output of footwear;

– In the manufacture of transport equipment by 2.2% due to the increase in the output of railway rolling stock and growth of services on the repair, maintenance of rolling stock.


On the results of 2015, the volume of agricultural products amounted to 112.8 billion rubles.; production index is 100.3% compared to 2014.

Farms region produced 3586.6 thousand tonnes of grains and leguminous plants (in weight after processing), 3371.9 thousand tons of sugar beet (factory), collected 930.9 thousand tonnes of potatoes, 143.1 thousandtons of vegetables from open and protected ground.

In recent years, the area has become a major producer of oilseeds. In 2015, its production reached 537 thousand tons, which exceeded the level of 2014 by 27 thousand tonnes.

There were produced 437.1 thousand tons of livestock and poultry for slaughter (growth by 12.6%compared to 2014), milk -309.9 thousand tons (decrease by 4.6%), eggs - 155.0 million (decrease by 13.2%).

In the agricultural organizations of the region, the production of livestock and poultry for slaughter in live weight increased by 15.1%


According to the preliminary results of 2015, the investments in fixed assets were utilized in the amount of 70.4 billion rubles.

At the largest enterprise in the industry, "Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water" of Kursk NPP, since 2013, work is underway on the construction of industrial, infrastructural and residential applications to deploy the construction of replacement station Kursk NPP-2. The investor is "Rosenergoatom" Concern.

JSC «Mikhailovsky GOK" - the leading enterprise of the industry "Mining" – has completed realization of the investment project on the construction of the technological complex and infrastructure of roasting machine number 3, the largest in Russia. The investor is holding "Metalloinvest".

The agricultural sector continues to implement major investment projects for the construction of livestock farms and processing enterprises in the areas of the region.


The works on the activity "Construction" in 2015, were made in the amount of 43.8 billion rubles, with growth of 2.4% compared to 2014.

Residential buildings, with total area of 537.6 thousand sq. meters or 96.0% compared to 2014,  have beencommissioned in the region.

On the territory of  N. Medveditsky village council (Tatarenkova village) of the Kursk region, construction of the "North" residentialcomplex is underway; in 2015, 29 cottages with the area of 5.3 thousand sq. m. have been commissioned. The  construction of "Moscow" residential settlement is underway in the same village council.

The construction of "Forest Lake" residential settlement in the village of Klishyno, Zheleznogorsk district, is continued.

40 residential rental housing buildings were built in B.Soldatsky district. In addition, the construction of rental housing in the village of  Bondarevka, Sudzhansky district, has been initiated, with the planned commissioning of 46 houses in 2016.

Measures have been taken to ensure the almost complete gasification of the regionbefore the end of 2017. At the beginning of 2016, the gasification rate was 93.7%, including 89.8% in rural areas.

In Kursk and in the districts of the region, 6 kindergartens  were built and renovated in 2015. The constructions of  Shumakovsky water intake in Kursk and of the central district hospital in Fatezh are underway. The constructions of fitness centers in the city of Zheleznogorsk and in the village of Kshensky, Soviet District, have been completed; the construction was carried out in the framework of "Gazprom to Children" program.

Consumer market

In 2015, 185 enterprises of trade, public catering and consumer services were opened and reconstructed; 1,300 new jobs were created.

In towns and districts of the region 400 fairs were held, including those in the framework of cooperation agreements with other regions and countries, as well as contracts with local producers.

Despite the high commodity saturation of the consumer market in 2015, the retail trade turnover decreased by 6.2% due to lowering of the consumer demand of the population, which was due to the growth of consumer prices (by 15.41% in January-December 2015 compared to January-December 2014), and with the growth of incomes of the population (by 11.41%).

Along with this, in the Kursk region, the cost of minimum food basket for 2015 was the lowest among the Central Federal District. In December 2015, it amounted to 2867.83 rubles per person per month (3589.92 rubles in the Russian Federation;  3656.29 rubles in the Central Federal District).

The turnover of public catering in 2015 amounted to 5.38 billion rubles, with growth by 4.3% in 2014.

Paid serviceswere rendered to population of the region in the amount of 48.75 billion rubles, decreasing by 0.3% compared to 2014.

Standards of living

Per capita income of the region's population has increased by 11.4% over 2015 and amounted to 25.8 thousand rubles; real cash income per capita fell by 3.5%.

The decline in real incomes and real wages is due to the excess of the rate of increase in consumer prices over the growth of population's nominal income and  wages.

The average monthly salary in 2015 in the whole area was 23,888.8 rubles, increasing by 3.9% compared to 2014. At the same time, real wages fell by 10.0% compared to the corresponding period of 2014.

Work continues in order to raise the average monthly salary in the framework of the Russian President's Decree of May 7, 2012, № 597 "On implementation of the state social policy measures." 

The average monthly wage per employee in the education sector in 2015 increased by 3.3% compared to 2014 and amounted to 19275.7 rubles; in the health sector - by 4.6% and amounted to 19,798.0 rubles.

Work and employment

The number of registered unemployed on 1 January 2016, compared with the corresponding period of the last year, increased by 1025 and reached 7017 people; the registered unemployment rate amounted to 1.2% (on 01.01.2015, 1.0%).

In the employment centers, the employers stated 4,770 vacancies. The tension in the labor market is 1.6 persons per one declared vacancy, against 1.1 persons  on 01.01.2015.



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