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Administration of the region


First Deputy Governor of Kursk region

Naboko Stanislav Yurievich

Tel. (4712) 55-68-22

Fax (4712) 70-58-03


Chairman of the Committee on Economics and Development of the Kursk Region 

Tipikina Julia Alexandrovna 

Tel. (4712) 55-68-70

Fax (4712) 51-18-28

E-mail: pred.econom@rkursk.ru


First Deputy Chairman of the Committee 

Taratina Irina Nikolaevna

Tel. (4712) 51-47-28

Fax (4712) 51-18-28

E-mail: 1zam.econom@rkursk.ru


Head of Investment Infrastructure Development Department 

Levashova Elena Alexandrovna

Tel. (4712) 70-25-07

Fax (4712) 70-27-28

E-mail: infr.econom@rkursk.ru


Head of the Department of Investment Policy and Public-Private Partnership 

Zakovyrina Anna Konstantinovna

Tel. (4712) 51-47-26

Fax (4712) 51-18-28

E-mail: invpol.komek@rkursk.ru