Examples of successful investment

Mikhailovsky GOK OJSC is a member of the largest iron ore company in Russia and the CIS, Metalloinvest, and is one of the leaders of the domestic mining and metallurgical industry.

The plant produces a wide range of products that are in demand in the iron ore raw materials market, including concentrate, pellets, blast-furnace and sinter ore.

The company Metalloinvest systematically improves the production of Mikhailovsky GOK. In 2015, construction of the largest object of the investment program, the third calcination machine, was completed. The company’s investments in the construction of the complex are more than 16 billion rubles. Putting it into operation increased the capacity of the production of pellets of MGOK by 1.5 times, by 5 million tons per year. The solemn ceremony of launching the complex was attended by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.

A large-scale program has been implemented to replace mining equipment with a more productive one.  Modern high-capacity automobiles with carrying capacity 160, 180 tons, excavators with bucket capacity up to 23 cubic meters, new bulldozers and traction units were purchased in the course of the program.

Metalloinvest participates in key programs aimed at sustainable development of the region. Within the tripartite socio-economic partnership between Metalloinvest company, the administrations of the Kursk region and the city, important social facilities, such as  an oncology center, laser therapy and ophthalmology offices in the city hospitals, an anti-shock operating room, Ice Complex Yubileiny, Sports Palace Start, a nature museum, a kindergarten, the Holy Trinity Church have been opened  in Zheleznogorsk.

To the 70th anniversary of the Victory Day, with the participation of the company, a memorial complex, «Poklonnaya Hill», was erected in the Fatezh district in order to perpetuate the feat of soldiers killed in the Northern Facet of the Kursk Bulge.

Together with the public of Zheleznogorsk, Metalloinvest implements programs which provide for the interaction of various structures in solving the most acute problems. «Women’s Health» is a social project of the company aimed at creating a system of prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer. The program «Healthy Child» is aimed at reducing the incidence of preschool children. The grant competition «Let’s do it together!» is aimed at supporting active and caring citizens   of Zheleznogorsk who wants to contribute to the development of the city.

Since 1992, the Scientific and Production Association Composite has specialized in research, development and production of rubber products. The history of the enterprise began with the production of caterpillar belts for snowmobiles and machinery, over time the range of manufactured products has increased. Today, rubber products COMPOSIT are successfully used in the conduct of hydromechanical works in the mining and processing industry.

Availability of a laboratory and a manufacturing base for the production of rubber compounds, input quality control of raw materials and our own scientific developments guarantee the high quality and reliability of COMPOSIT rubber products. Mobility of the enterprise, knowledge and experience of highly qualified specialists, targeting the needs of customers allow us to constantly expand and improve the range of products, maintain leading positions in the market of rubber goods and master new markets.

The main types of products manufactured by Composite LLC are:

rubber piping systems COMPOSIT and accessories for them for hydromechanical works;

rubber piping systems COMPOSIT and components for use in mining and processing enterprises;

caterpillar belts for snowmobiles and equipment of both domestic and foreign production;

technical plates and lining for various purposes;

commodity rubber compounds (rolled and calendered).

One of the main goals of investment activity of Composite is the development of new types of import-substituting products.

In 2011-2013, Composite with the support of the Kursk Region Administration and financial participation of Kurskprombank PJSC implemented an investment project to modernize the production of caterpillar belts. The total investment amounted to 250 million rubles.

Within the investment project, a shop for the production of caterpillar belts for snowmobiles and special equipment was built to increase the production capacity of the enterprise and the production volume, a gas steam-water boiler house and modern high-tech equipment of the leading companies of Italy, Germany, Turkey, USA, Slovenia, China, Bulgaria, etc. were bought. The steam-water boiler house provides full autonomy of heating, hot water and steam supply for all production and household premises of Composite.

In 2015, Composite LLC implemented another major investment project, «Modernization and technical re-equipment of rubber products manufacture», the volume of financing for which amounted to more than 130 million rubles. Within the project, the existing production was modernized in order to increase the volume, assortment of products and improve their quality.

The result of the implementation of investment projects was the production of competitive products with improved consumer properties. Today, Composite completely replaces the import of caterpillar belts for imported and domestic snowmobiles. The enterprise imports caterpillar belts to the USA, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Canada. Tests have been carried out and serial production of the floating pulp pipeline for marine dredges and corrugated pipeline with a coupling have been mastered.

Pharmstandard-Leksredstva OJSC is the largest producer of finished medicines in the Central Black Earth region and is one of the five largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Russia.

The nomenclature of the company includes 130 names of medicines, more than 50 of which are included in The List of Vital and Essential Medicines.

Today, Pharmstandard-Leksredstva is not only the leader of the Russian Federation in terms of production of medicines, but also in terms of the quality of products.

In 2013, the All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute for Certification confirmed the compliance of the company’s quality management system with the standards of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO9001: 2008) (with respect to the development and production of medicines) and GOST P52249-2009GMPRF (for production and quality control of medicinal products). In 2014, according to the results of the inspection, the State Medicines Agency of Latvia confirmed the certificate of compliance of the EU GMP for seven production lines.

In the near future, Pharmstandard-Leksredstva OJSC is planning to bring all production sites in line with the requirements of GMP and implement the system of automatic production control (SAR).

In 2015, the company began the reconstruction of the building of the central factory laboratory with the purpose of developing the composition and technology of the production of new medicines — generics and original preparations with high yields worth over 700 million rubles.

The company is carrying out systematic work in order to create new production facilities that allow not only to expand the production of traditional nomenclature, but also to master the production of new drugs in conjunction with the largest Western companies — manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, demanded in the Russian market, «Servier Laboratories» France, «Chiesi Farmaceutici» Italy, «Celgene» Switzerland, «F. Hoffmann-La Roche” Switzerland, «Abbott» USA, «Sanofi» France, «Merck» Germany.

Since 2010 Agropromkomplektatsiya-Kursk LLC has been implementing an investment project to create a vertically integrated agricultural enterprise for the production of high-quality meat products. It is planned to invest about 26 billion rubles.

Within the investment project, a crop department with a processing area of more than 30,000 hectares of land was created, a modern grain elevator for 100,000 tons of grain storage and a feed mill with a production capacity of 216,000 tons of pellets a year were constructed. 5 pig-breeding complexes, designed for maintenance of more than 270,000 pigs at a time, were commissioned on the territory of 3 districts of the Kursk region.

In 2014, the Nucleus breeding farm for 2,500 sows was put into operation, which would allow the company’s commodity complexes to be provided with repair livestock.

The company has built comfortable residential houses in the countryside, where 44 families of its employees settled.

One of the most important factors for ensuring the competitiveness of the livestock sector of the company is modern, based on the application of the most advanced technologies, crop production. In recent years, the company has brought into circulation more than 18,000 hectares of fallow land, bringing the land wedge to 32,000 hectares, and a full agrochemical soil survey was conducted throughout the area. Based on the analysis, a scientifically grounded six-field crop rotation has been introduced, which makes it possible to use the potential of the earth in an optimal way.

In recent years, more than 400 million rubles have been invested in modern agricultural machinery with satellite navigation and computer control. Seed complexes, wide-spread tillage trailed implements, self-propelled sprayers and harvesters have been purchased.

Agropromkomplektatsiya — Kursk continues the construction of a slaughterhouse in Zheleznogorsk district with a capacity of 300 heads per hour. It is planned to create 800 new jobs with an average wage of more than 35 thousand rubles. The project cost is 7,700 million rubles.

Besides, in the territory of the Dmitrievsky, Zheleznogorsky and Konyshevsky districts, Agropromkomplektatsiya-Kursk LLC has started construction of five pig-breeding complexes in the multi-site system with a production capacity of 56,000 tons of pig meat in live weight per year. It is planned to create 414 jobs with an average wage of more than 30 thousand rubles. The estimated cost is 11,497 million rubles.

Also in the near future the company plans to build three pig-breeding complexes, a feed mill and an elevator, with a capacity of 100,000 tons of one-time storage. The estimated cost of the project is 7,979.0 million rubles.

In the territory of Pristensky and Sudzhansky districts of the Kursk region, the agro-industrial holding Miratorg implements large investment projects.

The plant’s growing sector is represented by two grain companies, Pristenskaya Grain Company LLC and Oboyan Grain Company LLC.

Vozrozhdenie LLC and Svinokompleks Pristenskiy LLC, which are under the management of the company, operate on the territory of the Pristenskiy district. From 2012 to the present, the company has built and commissioned 19 sites for the production of pig meat, a veterinary and utilization plant. The total volume of investments exceeded 11,000 million rubles.

In 2015, Vozrozhdenie completed the construction of a boar house for 328 heads, a nucleus for 680 heads, a quarantine for 100 heads worth 564 million rubles.

At present, the company has launched a major investment project for the construction of 2 dairy farms for 15,000 livestock each, the total cost of the projects is 2, 881.2 million rubles.

In the Kursk district of the Kursk region in the village of Voroshnevo, Seim-Agro LLC is implementing a project for the construction of a greenhouse complex with an area of 10.4 hectares using the latest technologies for growing agricultural products in sheltered soil. The cost of the project is 1,490 million rubles. The volume of financing as of January 1, 2016 amounted to 1,132 million rubles.

It is planned to create an efficient and sustainable production, which, according to its quality indicators, will meet world standards, as well as an exemplary production and technology complex for demonstrating the possibilities of using modern technologies for growing vegetable products. The site is characterized by a developed technological infrastructure (technological roads, elements of electricity and gas supply), located 2 km from the city of Kursk.

The hothouse plant produces vegetable products (cucumbers, tomatoes) in various agronomic technologies (classical technology and technology of year-round cultivation with photoculture conducting). The total volume of productions when reaching the designed capacity is 5,158 tons per year, of which cucumbers make 2, 828 thousand tons per year, tomatoes — 2,330 thousand tons per year. In addition, flowers, seedlings, houseplants, berry crops will be grown.


In 2015, the construction of a greenhouse complex with engineering communications for the cultivation of vegetables, AgroPark Greenhouse Complex, was completed in the Glushkovsky District on an area of 11.1 hectares. The total cost of the project was 2,181 million rubles.

The range of products is as follows:

— Tomatoes, such as Macarena F1, Growdena F1 (S & G), Guyana, Endeavour (RZ);

— Cucumbers, such as Hybrid Demarrage F1, Avianes F1, Mewa F1, Yani (RZ), Hercules F1 (RZ), Tristan F1, Gunnar F1 (EZ);

— Salad, such as Grand Rapis, Pearl Jam (EZ), Aficion (RZ), Fanly (S & G).

The main competitive advantage of the project is the use of the technology of year-round photoculture of vegetables. The implementation of this technology is possible due to the use of modern boilers of Crone company and Jenbacher gas piston units, which allow to significantly reduce the cost of thermal energy. In the winter season, the complex is a monopolist in the production and supply of fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, greens and leaf lettuce, which facilitates the ousting of greenhouse vegetables import and the development of domestic producers in the industrial greenhouse market.


Kursk Milk LLC was founded in 2005, the company’s dairy and fat-and-oil products are in demand not only in the Central Federal District, but throughout Russia.

The products are made in accordance with state standards at two production sites with strict compliance of shelf life and strict quality control of all products.

Supporting the state policy aimed at import substitution, being guided by domestic suppliers, the company re-equips its production facilities with Russian analogues. In 2015, Kursk Milk LLC launched the investment project «Construction of a workshop for the production of cheeses of hard varieties and cottage cheese” worth 320 million rubles, which will allow to produce 2 thousand tons of cottage cheese and 3.5 tons of cheese per year.

Kursk Milk is a socially oriented company supporting a number of activities aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles, cooperating with public organizations, supporting sports events, and doing charity work.

GRINN Corporation CJSC provides for the creation of new modern trade enterprises and leisure centers that contribute to the solution of socially significant tasks.

The construction of the shopping and entertainment center GRINN on the prospect of V.Klykov with the area of 140 thousand square meters is continuing, it includes the largest in Chernozem region Concert Complex with two halls-transformers for 2000 and 900 spectators, a zone of fast food enterprises and Liniya hypermarket. The estimated cost of the project is 5.5 billion rubles. Opening of the facility is planned for December 2017.

An investment project is underway in order to build a multifunctional shopping and entertainment center, MegaGRINN, in K. Marx Street with an area of 220 thousand square meters, which will accommodate objects of trade and catering, entertainment and sports. The cost of the project is 10.3 billion rubles. Opening of the first stage took place in March 2016, the full commissioning of the facility is expected in September 2016.

KONTI-RUS JSC is one of the largest enterprises of the Kursk region. High growth rates of the company contribute to the growth of the economy in the region. Today, KONTI-RUS JSC is one of the ten largest manufacturers of the confectionery industry in Russia.

The products of the confectionary factory are sold both in Russia and in the CIS and other foreign countries (Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Estonia, Mongolia). Besides, the company enters new promising sales markets in countries such as India, Germany, Great Britain, China, and the United States.

The range of products includes more than 250 items: chocolate sweets, biscuits, bars, wafers, caramel, crackers and much more. The quality management system is confirmed by the certificate according to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000. All products of the company are marked as «Without GMOs». Average number of employees as of 01.01.2016 amounted to 3.5 thousand people.

The company implemented a major investment project «Construction of a new production and logistics complex of the Kursk Confectionery Factory». The total area of the production and logistics complex is 57 thousand square meters. For the period of the project implementation, a Class A logistics center, an administrative building, a production building, eight production lines for confectionery products and one auxiliary line for the production of glazes with a total capacity of about 70,000 tons per year have been put into operation. Realization of the project allowed to increase the capacity of the enterprise to 135 thousand tons of confectionery products per year. During the implementation of the project, about 6 billion rubles were invested, in addition, about 1 thousand new jobs were created.

KONTI-RUS JSC is the largest taxpayer and ensures full and timely receipt of taxes, payments to budgets of all levels. In 2015, allocations to budgets of all levels amounted to 1,362 million rubles, including 543 million rubles to the budget of the Kursk region.

KONTI-RUS JSC adheres to an active social position. In 2015, sponsorship was provided in the amount of 1.9 million rubles for the repair and restoration work of the Kursk Diocese, the football club Avangard, and the holding of the Central Russian Economic Forum.

Sovtest ATE, established in 1991, is one of the leading Russian suppliers and developers of equipment for the domestic radio electronic industry.

Currently, the production activity of the company is aimed at the following main activities:

1. Supply of equipment and technology transfer of electronics and electrical products to manufacturers.
2. Proper design and manufacture of electronics and electrical products.

3. Scientific research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences within the enterprise and R & D for customers.

Sovtest ATE has developed and patented more than 10 units of test and technological equipment, which is in demand in the Russian market of electronics manufacturers.

At the moment the enterprise is implementing the project «Construction of a plant for the production of modern radio electronic components and components based on the technology of microelectromechanical systems, as well as products and equipment, including those for monitoring and measuring systems of various purposes.» The project provides for the construction of a modern plant with an area of 8,800 square meters in K. Marx Street in Kursk, which consists of 7 buildings, including mechanical assembly production, testing workshops, SMD-installation, microelectronics, harness assembly, where the most advanced electrical, electronic and information technologies will be presented.

Currently, the interior finishing is implemented in buildings 1, 2, 3, 4; the installation of wall structures is carried out in buildings 5, 6, 7.

The total cost of the project is estimated at 600 million rubles; as of 01.01.2016, 180 million rubles have been spent.

Within this project, it is planned to start mass production of

High-precision sensors (MEMS accelerometers, MEMS inclinometers, MEMS gyroscopes, high-frequency MEMS switches, humidity and temperature sensors, crack measurer, strain gauges, liquid measuring cartridges) which allow the following parameters to be monitored at various sites very accurately, thriftily and with high reliability: angle of heeling, magnitude of vibration, linear acceleration, rate of crack growth, temperature, humidity, light level, pressure / flow rate of gases and liquids in pipes. The scope of application of high-precision sensors is wide: agriculture, extractive industry, radio electronics, medicine, automotive industry, aerospace industry, military-industrial complex, transport, etc.);
Monitoring systems of various purposes (condition of soils, special equipment, engineering structures, technical condition of rolling stock, etc.), which allow collection and processing of information on various parameters of engineering structures and units for assessing the technical condition, as well as reporting the occurrence of emergency situations and critical change of parameters to a unified system of operational dispatch control. Produced systems can be successfully used in the technical monitoring of the state of bridges, television towers, chimneys, and other high-rise buildings.


The agro-industrial company Russian Barley LLC is one of the leading producers of brewing barley in the Central Black Earth region. The company has been working for more than 10 years on the lands of Medvensky, Oboyansky and Kursk districts of the Kursk region.

The main direction of the enterprise is seed production. Today Russian Barley LLC is a manufacturer of elite high-quality seeds of imported and domestic breeding at its own modern-day seed factory, equipped by Cimbria Danish company. Since 2007, the company has been developing one more direction, dairy cattle breeding. The enterprise achieved high milk quality indicators at the dairy farm.

In order to maintain the agronomic terms of harvesting, it is necessary to have a satisfactory acceptance of grain from the field with subsequent placement. Since 2015, the construction of the first stage of an elevator complex with a storage capacity of 70,000 cubic meters has been started. The planned commissioning of the facility is in June 2016, the cost of the project is about 700 million rubles. An additional 16 workplaces will be created. The production process at the elevator complex includes acceptance, preliminary cleaning, drying, storage, primary cleaning, shipment.

At the moment, the following technological facilities have been built: the ABK building and the laboratory, two- passage weighing (24-meter-long scales, 100 tons, manufactured by NAIS), the reception department (grain acceptance up to 3,000 tons per day, manufactured by Mysilo), working towers (transport 200 tons per hour, manufactured by Maisilo), grain cleaning up to 300 tons per hour (manufactured by Buhler), noria towers, grain dryer of mine type (capacity 2,000 tons per day, produced by Buhler), silos for the operational stock of raw materials (2,000 tons) silos for temporary storage of dry grain (volume of 1,000 tons), silos for the shipment of marketable grain, silo-type granaries (with a capacity of 70,000 cubic meters), an operator (elevator control center), a fire-fighting pumping station with tanks and wells, electric networks and a gas pipeline. All storage silos are equipped with a thermometry and ventilation system.

The enterprise is highly automated. The project meets all the safety requirements and has passed the state expertise. The project provides for measures to prevent the occurrence of fires and explosions.

В 2017 году ООО «Мираторг-Белгород», входящий в состав АПХ «Мираторг», реализовало инвестиционный проект «Зона воспроизводства-2 (племенной завод на 800 голов вблизи с. Нижнее Солотино Обоянского района Курской области»). Стоимость проекта составила 551 млн. руб.

Строительство собственного племенного завода обосновано регулярной потребностью свинокомплексов в племенном ремонтном молодняке, который необходим для выполнения производственных показателей компании АПХ «Мираторг» по выращиванию свиней до требуемых весовых кондиций и соответственно производство качественного мяса.

ООО «Свинокомплекс «Пристенский», входящий в состав АПХ «Мираторг», ‑ это шесть полностью автоматизированных свинокомплексов мощностью 5 000 свиноматок каждый. В настоящее время в компании работают 496 высококвалифицированных сотрудников. В 2017 году предприятие  реализовало  проект «Зона доращивания и откорма вблизи с. Средняя Ольшанка Пристенского района», что позволит доращивать 53 186 голов свиней до кондиционного веса 125 кг и даст дополнительно 6 648 тонн товарной свинины в год. Стоимость проекта составила 529 млн. руб.

На сегодняшний день АПХ Мираторг, в состав которого входит ООО «Агрофирма «Благодатенская», является лидером среди производителей говядины в Российской Федерации. В 2017 году предприятие  реализовало  проект  «Ферма по откорму и выращиванию молочного скота на 30 000 голов в год вблизи с. Казачья Локня Суджанского района Курской области», направленный  на  выпуск мяса говядины, соответствующего мировым стандартам качества. Стоимость проекта составила 2 755 млн. руб.

В 2017 году ООО «БВК-Глобал» реализовало инвестиционный проект «Строительство нуклеуса на 5500 свиноматок в Мантуровском районе». Стоимость проекта составила  1 396 млн. руб.

В 2017 году ООО «Глобал Эко» завершило строительство мясохладобойни  проектной  мощностью  80  голов в  час  в  Щигровском  районе. Стоимость проекта составила 600 млн.руб.

ООО «Курскзернопром»  в 2017 году ввело в эксплуатацию мельницу двухсортового помола пшеницы мощностью 40 тыс. тонн и пекарню мощностью 6 тонн в сутки с объемом инвестиций более 200 млн.руб., создано 60 новых рабочих мест.

ООО Группа компаний «Промресурс» в 2017 году  завершило строительство мультифункционального комплекса «CENTNRAL PARK» площадью 140 тыс. кв. м. Стоимость проекта составила  10 млрд. руб.

ООО «Леруа Мерлен Восток»  в 2017 году завершило  строительство  торгового  центра  «Леруа Мерлен»  площадью объекта 13 тыс. кв.м. Стоимость проекта составила  1 млрд. руб.

В 2017 году ООО «Глобал Эко» завершило строительство мясохладобойни  проектной  мощностью  80  голов в  час  в  Щигровском  районе. Стоимость проекта составила 600 млн.руб.

В 2017 году АО «Суджанский мясокомбинат» завершило модернизацию действующего производства. Стоимость проекта составила 6 млн.руб.

В 2017 году ООО «Молочный дом» завершило модернизацию действующего производства в Октябрьском районе. Стоимость проекта составила 6 млн.руб.

В 2017 году завершило модернизацию действующего производства по производству упаковочной тары и этикеток. Стоимость проекта составила 11,9 млн.руб.