Investment Promotion Agency of the Kursk region

Investment Promotion Agency of the Kursk region (OAO) was established in accordance with the Kursk region Administration Resolution №411 of 28.04.2012. The full ownership of the Agency is retained by Kursk region. The Agency is tasked primarily with streamlining the terms for carrying out investment projects in Kursk region and increasing the investment attractiveness of our region.

The Agency is the founded by Property Management Committee of Kursk region.

As of now, the Agency plays a pivotal role in promoting the investment in Kursk region.

The functions of the agency:

Promoting investment prospects of Kursk region at the federal and international levels

Facilitating the implementation of investment projects according to a «single window» principle:

  • Establishment and management of working groups dealing with implementation and support of actual investment projects;
  • Ensuring synergy between different business entities (banks, investment funds, and agencies), federal or local institutes and authorities and investors.

The principal activity of the Agency presupposes attracting the investment in Kursk region and collaborating with investors.

Applying the up-to-date methods and means of working with investors and developing public-private partnership, the Agency guarantees the implementation of investment project.

The Agency intensively cooperates not only with the Administration and Governor of Kursk region, with local business communities and Fund for Support of Entrepreneurship, but also enhances trans-regional cooperation, expands the national partners' list, and participates in international investment forums.

The effectiveness of performance is assessed through the quantity and quality of implemented projects, and by improving positioning of the region in national and international rankings.

The Agency has been taking comprehensive measures in cooperating with authorities within the framework of providing support for investment projects being carried out in the region and simplifying their implementation.


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