OAO "MikhailovskyGOK" 

OAO "Mikhailovsky GOK"is a part of "Metalloinvest" - the largest iron ore company in Russia and CIS and is one of the leaders of the domestic mining industry

The plant produces a wide range of products, demanded by the iron ore market: concentrate, pellets, blast-furnace and sinter ore.

The company "Metalloinvest" systematically improves the production facilities of the Mikhailovsky GOK. In 2015, the construction of its investment program’s largest object was completed – the 3rd kiln. The company invested more than 16 billion rubles in the construction of the complex. Its commissioning has increased the output of pellets in a half, by 5 million tonnes a year. The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev attended the inauguration ceremony of the complex.

A large-scale program of replacing mining and transporting equipment has been implemented. Within the program, high-capacity vehicles - 160, 180 tonnes, excavators with a bucket capacity up to 23 cubic meters, bulldozers, and traction unitshave been purchased.

The company "Metalloinvest" is involved in key programs aimed at the sustainable development of the region. Within the tripartite social and economic partnership between the company "Metalloinvest", the Administration of the Kursk region and the city Zheleznogorsk, an oncologic dispensary, a laser therapy and ophthalmology offices in the city hospitals, anti-shock operating room, ice-complex "Jubileyniy", sports palace "Start", the museum of nature, a kindergarten and Holy Trinity Church have been founded. 

On the 70th anniversary of the VictoryDay, with the help of the company, a memorial complex "Poklonnaya mountain" in Fatezh district have been created to immortalize the feat of the soldiers killed in the North face of the Kursk Bulge.

Together with the public of Zheleznogorsk, the company "Metalloinvest" implements programs involving the interaction of different structures in resolving the most acute problems. "Women's Health" - a social project of the company, aimed atcreating of the system of prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer. The program "Healthy Child" aims to reduce the incidence of pre-school children. Grant competition "Make it Together" aims at supporting the active and indifferent people of Zheleznogorskwishing to contribute to the development of the city.     

OOO NPO "Composite" 

Since 1992, the Scientific and Production Association "Composite" has been specialized in researches, development and production of rubber products. History of the company has started with the production of caterpillar tracks for snowmobiles and, over time, the range of products has increased. Nowadays, COMPOSIT’s rubber products are successfully used inhydromechanics, mining and processing industries.

Own laboratory and production base of rubber compounds, quality inspection of raw materials and own researches guarantee the highest quality and reliability of COMPOSIT‘s rubber products. The enterprise’s mobility, knowledge and experience of highly skilled specialists, focus on customer needs allowcontinuously expanding and improving the range of products, keeping the leading position in the rubber products market and developing new markets.     Nowadays, the main types of products made by NPO "Composite" are the following:

COMPOSIT rubber piping systems and components for the hydro mechanical work;

COMPOSIT rubber piping systems and components for mining and processing enterprises;

caterpillar tracks for snowmobiles and machinesfor both domestic and foreign production;

rubber plates and lining for various purposes;

commodity rubber compounds (rolled and glazed). 

One of the major aims of the company’s investment activity is a development of new types of import-substituting products.

In 2011-2013, NPO "Composite" with the support of the Administration of Kursk region and the financial participation of PAO "Kurskprombank" implement an investment project aimed at modernization of the caterpillar tracks production. The total investment amount was 250 million rubles.

Within the investment project aimed atincreasingthe production capacity of the enterprise and production volumes, the company have builta new workshop for caterpillar tracks used in snowmobiles and machinery, have purchased a steam-gas boiler-houseand modern, high-tech equipment by the leading world companies from Italy, Germany, Turkey, the USA, Slovenia, China , Bulgaria and others. Water-steam boiler-house providesa fullheating autonomy, hot water and steam for all production and business rooms in NGO "Composite".

In 2015, NPO "Composite" implemented another major investment project "Modernization and re-arming of rubber products manufacturing", the total investment amount was more than 130 million rubles. Within the project, the modernization of existing production to increase the range of products and improve product quality has been carried out.

The result of implementation of investment projects is an output of competitive products with improved consumer properties. Today, NPO "Composite" is completely substituting the import of caterpillar tracks for snowmobiles imported and domestically produced. The company supplies the caterpillar tracks to the United States, Sweden, Finland, Italy and Canada. The tests and mastered serial production of floating slurry pipeline for dredgers of marine use and corrugated pipeline with coupling have been performed. 

OAO "Pharmstandard-Leksredstva" 

OAO "Pharmstandard-Leksredstva"is the largest producer of medicines in the Central Black Earth Region and gets into TOP-5 largest manufacturers of medicines in Russia

The range of businesses includes 130 articles of medicines. More than 50 of them are included in the Vital and Essential Drugs List.

Today, OAO "Pharmstandard-Leksredstva" is not only a leader in medicines output in Russia, but also in the product’s quality.

In 2013,OAO "Russian Research Institute for Certification" confirmed the compliance of quality management system to the following standards: GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) (applied to the development and production of medicines) and GOST P52249-2009GMPRF (applied to the production and quality control of medicines). In 2014, the State Agency of Medicines of the Republic of Latvia confirmed the certificate of compliance to EU GMP for seven production lines

In the nearest future,OAO "Pharmstandard-Leksredstva" plans to bring all production sites in accordance with the requirements of CMP and introduce the automatic production management system (SAP).

In 2015, the company started reconstruction of the central laboratory todevelopthe composition and technology for manufacturing of new medicines - generics and original drugs with high rates of earning yield in excess of 700 million rubles.

The company systematically works on the creation of new production capacities, making it possible not only to expand the issue of the traditional articles, but also to master the production of new drugs in cooperation with major western companies-manufacturers of medicines,demandedby the Russian market: "Laboratory Servier" France, "ChiesiFarmaceutici" Italy, "Celgene" Switzerland, "F.Hoffmann-La Roche" Switzerland, "Abbott" US "Sanofi" France, "Merck" Germany.                                                                          

OOO "Agropromkomplektatsiya - Kursk" 

Since 2010, OOO "Agropromkomplektatsiya-Kursk" has been implementing an investment project aimed at a construction of a vertically integrated agricultural enterprise producing high-quality meat products. The total amount of investment is supposed to be 26 billion rubles.

Within the investment project, a crop-processing unit with more than 30 000 hectares area, a modern elevatorwith 100 000 tonnes of grain storage and a feed mill producing216 000 tonnes of pelleted feed a year have been built.The company has commissioned five pig-feeding farms, designed for simultaneous maintenance of more than 270 000 pigs, on the territory of three districts of the Kursk region

In 2014,a breeding farm "Nucleus", storing 2500 sows, was commissioned. It provides the trade complexes of the company with a replacement stock.

The company has built comfortable houses in the countryside, to settle down 44 families of employees.

One of the most important factors ensuring the competitiveness of the livestock areas of the company is modern and technologically advanced crop. Over the past 3 years,the companyhas cultivated more than 18 000 hectares of fallow lands, having reached the sowing territory of 32 000 hectares. The entire area is fully agro-chemically inspected. According to the analysis, a six-field crop rotation has been introduced, in order to facilitate the optimal use of the ground potential.

Over the recent years, the company invested more than 400 million rubles in modern agricultural equipment with satellite navigation and computer control. There have been purchased sowing complexes, wide-tillage towed implements, self-propelled sprayers and harvesters.

OOO "Agropromkomplektatsiya-Kursk" continues to build slaughterhouse in Zheleznogorsk district with the capacity of 300 heads per hour. The company plans to create 800 new jobs with an average salary more than 35 thousand rubles. The project’s cost is 7700 million rubles.

Moreover, OOO "Agropromkomplektatsiya-Kursk" has launched the construction of five pig farms with the "multi-site" system ("multiple production sites") with the productions capacity of 56 thousand tonnes of pork in live weight per year, in Dmitriev, Zheleznogorsk and Konishevka districts. The company plans to create 414 jobs with an average salary more than 30 thousand rubles. The estimated cost is 11 497 million rubles.

In addition, the company’s immediate plan is the construction of three pig farms, a feed mill and grain elevator with the capacity of 100,000 tonnes of storage. The estimated cost of the project 7 979.0 million rubles. 

Agro-industrial holding"Miratorg" 

Agro-industrial holding "Miratorg" implements major investment projects in Pristen and Sudzha districts of the Kursk region.

The crop-growing branch of the company is represented by two grain companies: OOO "Pristenskayazernovayakompaniya" and OOO "Oboyanskayazernovayakompaniya".

OOO "Vozrozhdenie" and OOO "Svinokompleks-pristenskij" are under the management of the company and operate in Pristen district. Since 2012 to nowadays, the company has built and commissioned 19 sites for the production of pork, an animal-recycling plant. Thetotalinvestmentamountexceeded 11 000 millionrubles.

In 2015, OOO "Vozrozhdenie" completed the construction of a boar house for 328 heads, a nucleus for 680 goals and a quarantine unit for 100 heads. The total cost was 564 million rubles.

Currently, the company is implementing of a major investment project. Within the project, the company plans to build 2dairy farms for 15 000 rooms each. The total amount of investment is 2 881.2 million rubles. 

OOO "Seim-Agro" 

OOO "Seim-Agro" implements a project of construction of a greenhouse complex, on 10.4 hectares area in the village Voroshnevo in the Kursk district of the Kursk region, using the latest technologies for growing agricultural products in the protected ground. The total cost of the project is 1 490 million rubles. The amount of funding on January 1st, 2016 was 1 132 million rubles.

The company plans to start an efficient and sustainable production, that meets international standards and to build a pattern production and technological complex to demonstrate the possibilities of the modern techniques for growing vegetables. The site is provided with the advanced technological infrastructure (technological roads, power and gas supply units) and is situated 2 km away from Kursk.

Greenhouse plant produces vegetable products (cucumbers, tomatoes) within different agronomic techniques (classical and year-round growing photoculture technology). The total output, when the productive capacity is reached, will be 5 158 tonnes a year, with the share of cucumbers – 2 827 thousand tonnes a year and tomatoes – 2 330 thousand tonnes a year. Moreover, flowers, seedlings, plants, berry crops are also planned to be grown.   

OOO "Greenhouse complex "AgroPark" 

In 2015, the construction of a greenhouse complex with engineering communications for growing vegetables OOO "Greenhouse complex "AgroPark" in the Glushkovo district on the area of 11.1 hectares was finished. The total cost of the project was 2 181 million rubles.

The range of products:

-Tomatoes -"Macarena F1", "Grodena F1"

(S&G), "Guyana", Endeavour (RZ);

-Cucumbers - Hybrid "Demarrazh F1", "Aviance

F1", "Meva F1", "Yani" (RZ), "Hercules F1" (RZ),

"Tristan F1", "Gunnar F1" (EZ);

-Salads - "Grand Rapis, Pearl Jam" (EZ),

"Afitsion" (RZ), "Fanli" (S&G);

The main competitive advantage of the project is the use of technology of year-round photoculture of vegetables. Usage of modern boilers by "Crone" and gas piston plants "Jenbacher" allows using this technology and reducing thermal energy costs.  In winters, the complex gains monopoly on manufacturing and supply in retail fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, salads and lettuce. It contributes to substitution of imported greenhouse vegetables and development of domestic manufacturers on industrial greenhouse market.

In winter, the complex has a monopoly on the manufacture and supply of retail fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, greens and lettuces, which contributes to the displacement of imports of greenhouse vegetables and the development of domestic producers in the market of industrial greenhouses. 

OOO "Kurskoemoloko"

OOO"Kurskoemoloko" was founded in 2005,its dairy, oil and fat products are demanded not only in the Central Federal District, but throughout Russia.

The products are manufactured in accordance with the state standards on two production sites with strict compliance of expiration dates and strict quality control of all goods.

The company shares the state policy of import substitution, directed to the domestic suppliers, and re-equips its manufacturing facilities with Russian alternatives. In 2015, OOO"Kurskoemoloko" started the implementation of investment project "Construction of the plant for production of durum cheese and curd" thatcosts 320 million rubles. It allows producing 2 thousand tonnes of curd and 3.5 tonnes of cheese a year.

"Kurskoemoloko" is a socially-oriented company and supports numerous of activities aimed atthe promotion of healthy lifestyle, cooperates with public institutions, supports sports activities, is engaged in charity. 

ZAO "Corporation "GRINN"

ZAO "Corporation "GRINN"plans to create new modern retail enterprises and leisure centers that contribute to the solution of socially significant problems. 

The construction of "GRINN" shopping and entertainment center inKlikovProspect, situated on the area of 140 thousand square meters, including the largest in the Black Earth Region concert complex with two halls-transformers for 2000 and 900 spectators, a zone for fast food companies, hypermarket "Liniya" is going on. The estimated cost of the project is 5.5 billion rubles. The opening of the object is planned on December, 2017.

The company is implementing an investment projects on construction of multifunctional shopping and entertainment center "MegaGRINN" in Karl Marx Street on the area of 220 thousand square meters, which will house the objects of trade and public catering, objects of entertainment and sports directions. The project cost is 10.3 billion rubles. Opening of the first phase took place in March, 2016. The final commissioning of the facility is expected on September, 2016. 


AO "KONTI-RUS" is one of the largest enterprises in the Kursk region. High rates of development of the company contribute to the economic growth in the region. Today, AO "KONTI-RUS" gets into TOP-10 largest manufacturers of confectionary industry in Russia.

The company merchandizes its products in Russia, CIS and other foreign countries (Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Estonia, Mongolia). Moreover, the company is entering new promising markets in such countries as India, Germany, United Kingdom, Chinaand the United States.

The product range includes more than 250 articles: chocolates, cookies, bars, wafers, candies, crackers and more. The quality management system is certified in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000. All products are marked with a sign "Non GMO". An average number of employees is 3.5 thousand peopleon 01.01.2016.

The company has implemented a major investment project "Construction of a new manufacturing and logistics complex of Kursk confectionery factory". The total area of manufacturing and logistics complex is 57 thousand square meters. During the implementation period,the "A" class logistics center, administrative building, production facility, 8 confectionary lines and one auxiliary line for production of glaze with the total capacity of about 70 thousand tonnes a year. Implementation of the project allowed the company to reach the production capacity to 135 thousand tonnes of confectionary. During the implementation period, the company has invested about 6 billion rubles, having created 1 thousand jobs.

AO "KONTI-RUS" is the largest tax-payer and provides complete and timely payment of taxes to all-levels budgets. In 2015, the tax-payments of all levels were 1 362 million rubles, including 543 million rubles to the budget of the Kursk region.

AO "KONTI-RUS" keeps an active social position. During 2015, it has provided sponsorship in the amount of 1.9 million rubles for the Eparchy of Kursk repairs, the football club "Avangard" and carrying out the Central Russia Economic Forum.  

OOO "Sovtest ATE" 

The company OOO "Sovtest ATE" was founded in 1991 and now is one of the leading Russian suppliers and designers of radio-electronic equipment for domestic industry.

Nowadays, the manufacturing activity of the company is aimed at implementing the following main directions:

  1. Supply of equipment and transfer of technology to manufacturers of electronics and radio-electronic products.
  2. Proper design and manufacture of electronics and electrical products.
  3. Research and development in natural sciences and engineering, both within the enterprise and R&D for customers.

OOO "Sovtest ATE"has developed and patented more than 10 units of test and process equipment, which demanded by the Russian market of radio-electronics manufacturers.

Today, the company is implementing the project "Construction of the plant for the manufacturing of modern radio-electronic components and components based on microelectromechanical systems as well as products and equipment including monitoring systems and measurements for different purposes". The project envisages the construction of a modern factory on the 8800 square meters area, in Karl Marx Street in Kursk, consisting of 7 buildings, including mechanical assembly production, testing workshop, SMD-mounting, microelectronics, assembly of wire harnesses, which will be equipped with the latest electronic and information technologies

Currently, the buildings 1, 2, 3, 4 are under interior decoration and the buildings 5, 6, 7 are under walls mounting.

Thetotalcostoftheprojectis 600 millionrubles. 180 millionhad already been spent by 01.01.2016.

The company plans to start mass production of the following articles:

1. High-precision sensors (MEMS-accelerometers, MEMS-inclinometers, MEMS-gyroscopes, HF MEMS-switches, humidity and temperaturesensors, strainmeters, tensiometers,miraliquid cartridges) which provide very accurate, cost-effective and highly reliable control of the following parametersat different sites: roll angle, the magnitude of vibration, linear acceleration, crack-increase rate, temperature, humidity, light level, pressure/flow of gases and liquids in pipes. The precision sensors can be used in different fields: agriculture, mining, electronics, medicine, automobile industry, aerospace, defense industry, transporting, etc.).

2. Monitoring system of various purpose (soil, machinery, engineering construction, technical condition of rolling stock, etc.) which allow collecting and processing of information on the various parameters of engineering structures and units to assess the technical condition, as well as emergency alarms and critical parameters change in a single system of an operational dispatch management. The produced systems can be successfully used in technical monitoring of the condition of bridges, TV towers, chimneys and other high-rise buildings. 


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