The directories of the regional investments standard

  1. Adoption of the regional investment strategy by the higher bodies of state authority of the subject of the Russian Federation
  2. Developing and publishing annual plan for construction of investments facilities and regional infrastructure 
  3. Annual report by the chief executive officer of the subject of the Russian Federation devoted to the investment climate and investments policy of the subject of the Russian Federation. 
  4. Adoption of a normative legal act of the subject of the Russian Federation to protect the investors’ rights and support mechanisms for investment activity
  5. Presence of the Counsel on improvement of the investment climate
  6. Presence of a specialized organization to attract the investments and to work with investors
  7. Available infrastructure prepared for industrial and other investments objects (industrial parks, technology parks)
  8. Mechanisms of professional training and retraining of specialists according to   the regional investment strategies and the investors’ needs
  9. Development of specialized bilingual Web Portal dedicated to the investment activities in this region
     The Investment Portal of the Kursk region
  10. Including the unified regulations for the monitoring of the investment projects according to the „one –stop-shop“ principle
  11. Adoption of the investment declaration by the chief executive of the Subject of the Russian Federation
  12. Adoption of standard regulation controlling the procedure of governing response evaluation for adopted and incoming standard regulations involving entrepreneurial activity
  13. System of training, enhancing and assessing the competence of the government authorities and employees of organizations specialized in attracting investment and cooperating with investors
  14. The representatives of energy consumers participate in the rate regulations by the government authority of the region and Regional Energy Commission. Establishment of the colligate deliberation body by Regional Energy Commission which includes representatives of business community
  15. The availability of the communicative channel providing direct connections between investors and regional authorities to guarantee the immediate solutions for the questions which might appear during the investment activities

The governor of the Kursk region A.N. Mikhailov,

Investment portal of the Kursk region


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