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About the region

We are pleased to welcome you on the investment portal of the Kursk region, one of the most perspective regions of huge Russia.

The region is located in the climatic zone favorable for farming and livestock farming; it also has unique natural resources, a developed transport infrastructure and a high level of energy supplies. The main oil and gas pipelines pass through the territory of the region.

Its developed infrastructure is one of the essential components of the investment potential. The Kursk region administration has been actively working on the improvement of the business environment.

The Kursk Region Investment Agency was established in 2012; it finds plots for the creation of industrial parks and investment sites, which can be offered to potential investors for the construction of industrial enterprises.

There is a Council on the improvment of the investment climate and interaction with investors, whose main task is to make decisions on the most important issues in the investment sphere.

There is an investment web portal of the Kursk region, which has information on the region’s investment activities. The portal has an interactive map with vacant land plots on the territory of the region and information about the municipal districts of the region.

Every year, the investment potential of the region is promoted. One of the main activities is the Kursk Korenskaya Fair, which has a long history and was revived in 2000. Since 2012, the Srednerussky economic forum has been held as part of the fair, which was the fifth one in 2016.

The construction of new enterprises and reconstruction of existing production facilities is being held in the region.

The current legislative base allows to solve many business problems, making the region attractive enough for Russian and foreign investors.

We have become much more attentive to business enterprises which can create innovative economy, which can produce goods that are not inferior to world analogues, which is in demand on foreign markets. Now we know that we can do a lot ourselves, do it qualitatively and reliably, avoiding imported goods and food.

It is important to support such organizations and create the most favorable conditions for the implementation of projects aimed at the production of innovative products. Such entrepreneurs create the basis for future generations, and determine the development of technology, ensuring the country’s industrial and food supplies.

A large number of companies from other regions of Russia and from abroad work on the territory of the region. There are 50 agreements on cooperation, defining  cooperation, mutual obligations and responsibilities of the parties.

We help to solve the problems that the companies deal with, and we assist in the implementation of the projects they are carrying out in the territory of the Kursk region.

The Kursk region is open for cooperation and welcomes new investors.